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Acting Class NYC


Entering the craft of performing as an artist is more of a gift than a talent, this gift which will come naturally for many individuals, especially when at the heart of every good actor is an instinct that sometimes cannot be taught.  After all, when it comes to giving a powerful acting performance emotions and awareness are very important attributes to giving a “REAL” performance to any audience.That’s why when you come to our acting classes you will learn how to bring out that instinct and dig deeper to give a solid performance. Our Acting Class in NYC is not for the faint at heart. It for those individuals that truly want to learn how to control their emotions and leave everything in each scene that we direct. Contrary to other leading performing schools, we train our students on how to find the “DIG” This is the ability to “DIG” deep into your soul and bring out the person whom you never knew existed. This “DIG” in our opinion is what makes our Acting School in New York different from many other Acting schools you may have enrolled in the past. We train our pupils in the basics, but the true “DIG” will come from performing live on stage as we push you to become the person that you do not know. In addition, our school provides pupils with hands-on experience carrying you to new heights as an actor and transforming you into the best actor you can be.

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